Telephone Lines & Calls

As an early adopter of WLR3 we link through our TPA directly to Openreach and supply the complete suite of lines and services with the added bonus of short and flexible contracts. As a flat management structure our support team has easy access to escalations and the Openreach Directors Office which has been known to work miracles. We make no promises, but please see the customer comments on our Home page which speak for themselves.

We can also provide direct access to the Openreach portal so that your team can raise faults, escalate faults, book engineer visits, etc. This is of course 24/7.

If you are unlikely to move in less than 4 years, and require 30 (or multiples of 30) ISDN channels we will discuss Vodafone direct circuits. The benefits are that they are actively managed 24/7 by the NOC and if there is a fault they are likely to know before you do.

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