SMS Text Messaging & Survey

The service provided by NSL can link your CRM with the network platform via an API, or messages can be sent via a web based portal. Reports can be generated to show messages not delivered and this may give the opportunity to update customer contact details.

Messages are billed in arrears and are carried over one of the four main UK Mobile Networks.

NSL also provide SMS Survey which is a flexible service; offering clients a quick and easy method to reach their audience via SMS and gather meaningful feedback from their customers.

Using SMS Survey, customers rate your products and services and quickly identify areas for improvement. This ensures clients secure a competitive advantage, achieve excellent customer service and great operational efficiency.

The survey can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients using a simple SMS method, which contains a hyperlink to a webpage with a set of questions. The system can be set up using the NSL online portal, which allows you to fully customise surveys, from branding and logo design to the exact questions asked and how data is collected.

As the questionnaire is sent to customers via their mobile device the survey webpage is fully responsive to fit any platform. This makes the survey more user-friendly for the recipient.

The SMS can be sent to customers immediately or scheduled for a time to suit the client. There are no limits on how many SMS surveys can be sent at one time and each survey can contain an unlimited number of questions.

Once the SMS Survey has been sent, the real-time report and analytics can be downloaded in one simple file where the client will be able to see a full breakdown of responses. SMS Survey is a great platform to capture feedback anytime, anywhere, using a solution which is convenient for customers to respond.

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