Telecoms Management & Advice

NSL provide an individual solution to your Telecoms. No two businesses are the same and NSL take time to understand the detail and planned future for your business; thus providing an appropriate resilient, flexible and cost-effective solution.

Telecoms is an ever evolving area and can often provide different solutions to generate the same end result; NSL with a very wide range of products is ideally suited to advise on many options providing the best match for your unique business needs.

NSL are happy to provide general and specific advice, for example.


DR planning This usually comes down to one of two challenges; is there an alternative location to run the business from and the commercials.

The fire at Buncefield near Hemel Hempstead is a sobering reminder that DR planning may be key to business survival.  Simple low cost options are available for inbound voice; so that calls from your customers will get answered, even if it’s only for them to leave a message, and additional lines can be built into the solution.

NSL obviously can provide complex solutions whenever required.

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Mass Call Events NSL has been building and managing mass call events with call scripts that maximise your sales and give the best possible experience for your customers for many years.  By using the network to manage the call flow, engaged tones are rarely experienced by callers, and there is full reporting so planning for future events is possible.

Calls can be screened, to reduce the number of non-sales calls delivered to the sales lines, and geographic routing applied so calls from specific areas of the country can be delivered to a local call centre.

Solutions that NSL have implemented have significantly increased our customers call volumes.

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Call Centre Solutions From single site to multi site, with local site wall boards to multi site wall boards, we can help you stay flexible, manage, report on agents, groups, skill sets, combined with network call scripting to manage the call flows.

The finance model is rental, avoiding capex and the inherent possibility of delaying flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities.

Our Call Centre Solutions can integrate with your contact centre solutions to achieve the best results for your business.

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