Telephone Lines & Calls

There are now many choices available and we would suggest that very careful consideration is prudent. Why? A little history first. 1994 saw the duopoly of The General Post Office (now BT), Cable & Wireless dissolved and the market opened to regulated Communication Providers (CPs). This is where NSL sit in the market place. Openreach was created and regulated by Oftel, now Ofcom, under the guideline of ‘equivalence’.

Looking forward, Openreach, with the backing of Ofcom, have announced that all traditional phone lines will be switched off in 2025, with the last orders to be placed by 2023. The reason is that the hardware that runs the lines is coming to end of life and is too expensive to replace, IP being the commercial option.

ISDN, multiple line, and single voice lines replacement is SIP. For the multitude of other vital services the replacement product is yet to be launched. SIP can be provided as trunks, hosted public cloud services and hosted private cloud services.

Ofcom have indicated that they will continue to regulate CPs, but have not indicated that they will regulate all voice service providers, hence the suggestion for being prudent.

NSL can help you navigate the multiple choices that are available and help transition from the analogue and digital world to the IP world with a number of choices including ISIN which we believe is the most resilient telephone line available and the perfect replacement for ISDNs.

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